Awakened Man


We must all seek enlightenment

We must all seek the light

An awakening is accessible to us

Beyond what the world throws at us

Each one must experience a spiritual revolution

Of healing, reconciliation, and global preservation

Of true fairness, true justice and true equality

That will be the dawn of nirvana

A salvation of the planet

Awake, awake, awake!


Symbolism in the making of the Compliant Citizen

h-1 - CopyI’m a very visual person. I write better when I can see pictures or images of what I’ll be writing about. Symbolism it focusses my mind incredibly. It’s a little bit different and unconventional, if you know what i mean, but it works for me.

When writing The Company of the Oxbridgenites, and The Compliant Citizen , the challenge I had was to collate images that perfectly summed up everything that was wrong with modern government, universally, while still maintaining an emphasis on elitism, privilege, injustice and such concepts. Which was quite the impossible task, because even though issues like corruption are everywhere, even in the US as we’ve seen with the recent conviction of Ray Nagin, former New Orleans Mayor, they are not always manifested in the same way. So then, how do you encapsulate them into one poem?

For risk of being branded a leftie, I had to navigate a delicate path where I tried fruitlessly to portray my disapproval for certain kinds of behaviour (corporate greed, unrestrained excess neatly encapsulated in films such as the Wolf of Wallstreet, political dishonesty, mass control via religion) not to be mistaken for extremist hostility against capitalism or its proponents, but instead as a form of strong and resolute activism against what is clearly a messed up system.

So the bar code has George Orwell‘s 1984 written all over it – a world of stereotypes where humans are ‘scanned’, while the images of Lenin and Karl Marx are more an emphasis on social and communal service, than an endorsement of Communism. The black figure of Che‘s head is an obvious one, as is the Anonymous mask: revolution, but in this case, not a bloody I’ll kill you and take all your belongings type revolution, no, instead this type that focuses on dealing with another as with self, whether one is religious or not:revWhether this is a fanciful utopian dream too idealistic to be practical in the real world remains to be seen. But I don’t completely believe the narrative that humans are inherently greedy beings on a selfish quest for fulfilment or self-gratification above all else. It’s true that some people have learned to be like that, but its been a carefully crafted lie that has been claiming that the “selfish gene” exists, if not literally then metaphorically. Further, I for one cannot advocate violence to change the status quo – which we all know is grossly unfair, impractical and doesn’t work for the majority – without a bloody good reason, i.e. something akin in atrocity to the gassing of innocents in Syria by Assad/ his opponents.

Finally, the brown priestly figure with a raised arm and the saluting German figurines are symbols of blind loyalty, something which the Bourne Movies star Matt Damon referred to here.

In my world, after one sees all that, their mind becomes focussed and they are motivated to write and edit a piece of work freely, with little or no problem.

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Dear Readers, hello. Good morning. Today is a special day because my first ebook of poetry has been published and is now available on the kobo store. Here it is (and if this is your first time on this blog, maybe you my want to read the synopsis) :

Enjoy! Look forward to the feedback! 🙂


Here’s the synopsis. Funny enough, it doesn’t really refer to anything specific that is actually in the poems, no plot, no hints, no clues :-), also part of the synopsis was poached from a comment I made in response to a reader’s comment :-), ka-ching!


If you were an 8 year old Iraqi girl whose parents had been killed by a bomb; if you had witnessed your son get into the wrong crowd, begin taking drugs, then commit suicide, right from within the US; if you had your arms dismembered or amputated by the Janjaweed Militia in Darfur, over a resources control and religious conflict that was none of your business; if you needed surgery your family couldn’t afford; if you were a dying girl in India who just discovered that a corporation’s dishonest waste disposal practices within your village (practices they would not be allowed to get away with in their own country) were most probably responsible for your illness; if a corporation exploited your country’s mineral wealth enriching the company’s shareholders and directors, and a handful of corrupt local politicians while poverty lingered and your country became more deprived… how would you feel if someone effectively said ‘shit happens, some things can never be changed until people have an incentive to change their behaviour’?
From a town outside a forward thinking city in England some words have been slowly and painstakingly reorganising themselves the last four years. Their servant, a sojourner with a story as fictitious as is factual. The end product is a creation that will entertain, encourage, provoke, poke fun, tease and ridicule … it delves into themes including celebrity, crime, destiny, extremism, elitism, inequality, freedom, justice, law, literature, love, mysticism, philosophy, poetry, politics, poverty, rationalism, religion and revolution…
The poems challenge existing norms that contribute to societal dysfunction across the world, the injustice, the greed, the unrestrained excess, the warring…. appealing to those in positions of authority or leadership to carefully reconsider their actions, in so far as they impact others further afield, the poems advocate empathy, responsibility and freedom from puppetry, in favour of Responsible Capitalism; all in an effort to realise the achievable goal of a harmonious world in which the majority of people lived in relative peace and happiness, free from want, free from fear.


From here onwards, I expect things to get very exciting, now that MadWorld is published, it’s now a waiting game. Watch this space for details of how to get a copy!