Thoughts on Born a Criminal

I was there in the flesh

when a young man

was slaughtered in cold blood.


The last poem in my poetry book could have been written soon after Michael Brown’s shooting in Ferguson. It could have been written a day or week after, by someone who was at the scene. But it wasn’t. It didn’t need to be.

The template that saw others including Trayvon Martin murdered in broad daylight is all very familiar. It’s as predictable as ever. And when 2 years ago some of us convincingly put forward the case why it would happen again, many people who claimed to know more scorned us. Some said we were prophets of doom with nothing better to do. Others scoffed, claiming that these kinds of shootings happen all the times….That it is the media who are selective in reporting the incidents. Both groups had a point.

You can write a story today about what will happen in some US town next year to 80% accuracy in this arena. It will come to pass. If not next year, then sooner than later it will happen.

Because if you’ve lived on planet earth long enough, are alert, if you question what you are taught, and look for the alternative viewpoint in an argument, wanting to know the real truth, it becomes quite easy to spot certain patterns. The fallacies, lies and bigotry can easily be sussed out. You can smell the conniving, the lawlessness, the absurdities from a mile away. The worthless gossip and busybodying has a distinctive shade of green on it. When laws are used as tools to oppress minorities, your eyes light up in disbelief. When military budgets are more important than preserving life, it beggars belief. You become astounded when you learn that the presiding attitude in some quarters is it’s okay to prey on the weak and vulnerable in society. To prey on poor countries, to do anything and everything – as long as the authorities don’t find out/ as long as the authorities can ignore it – for profit. When the poor are made to pay for the mistakes of the rich, and leaders refuse to tread the purist’s way. All because of votes. Or wealth. Leaven that leavens the whole lot. A mental disease that corrupts a global village.

What’s more chilling is that there are people alive today who think it is normal for things to work this way. They have been conditioned to believe it is okay. They’ve never questioned themselves as to the morality of their actions, because, well – they have no moral code.

I can imagine that some of them think that asking questions of morality or ethics is for the weak minded. To them the strong minded just get on with it. Champions don’t ask questions which can arouse guilt….

They’ve never looked themselves in the mirror and dared to challenge their worldview – no doubt passed on to them by their parents or friends.

Brethren, there are people who think things should remain as they are.

After a while your eyes will open. Everything becomes crystal clear. The sustained inquiry has paid off. Even the quiet ones who never say a word can reach nirvana. They know, even if they don’t say it or show it. You can see it in their eyes that they know what the deal is.

And it makes you cry. Because essentially they are enlightened slaves.Locked potential. Untapped potential. Underutilised potential.

But then it makes you smile. Because the vanity within this bubble of lies is but for a time. Like history has often reminded us, its days are numbered. Its officers will die very sudden, painful and tortured deaths. Maybe during the end of civilisation as we know it, maybe before.There’s no redemption for the architects of evil. Lost souls destined for calamities worse than hell deserve just that.

My heart laments our world today. The reality of life on planet earth weighs heavily on my shoulders. Such are the predicaments of the 21st Century. Such is our cancerous shared destiny.

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Free Sample

MadWorldSample If someone deserves a free sample, then  it is you the readers. Enjoy! 🙂

Here it is!


Dear Readers, hello. Good morning. Today is a special day because my first ebook of poetry has been published and is now available on the kobo store. Here it is (and if this is your first time on this blog, maybe you my want to read the synopsis) :

Enjoy! Look forward to the feedback! 🙂


Here’s the synopsis. Funny enough, it doesn’t really refer to anything specific that is actually in the poems, no plot, no hints, no clues :-), also part of the synopsis was poached from a comment I made in response to a reader’s comment :-), ka-ching!


If you were an 8 year old Iraqi girl whose parents had been killed by a bomb; if you had witnessed your son get into the wrong crowd, begin taking drugs, then commit suicide, right from within the US; if you had your arms dismembered or amputated by the Janjaweed Militia in Darfur, over a resources control and religious conflict that was none of your business; if you needed surgery your family couldn’t afford; if you were a dying girl in India who just discovered that a corporation’s dishonest waste disposal practices within your village (practices they would not be allowed to get away with in their own country) were most probably responsible for your illness; if a corporation exploited your country’s mineral wealth enriching the company’s shareholders and directors, and a handful of corrupt local politicians while poverty lingered and your country became more deprived… how would you feel if someone effectively said ‘shit happens, some things can never be changed until people have an incentive to change their behaviour’?
From a town outside a forward thinking city in England some words have been slowly and painstakingly reorganising themselves the last four years. Their servant, a sojourner with a story as fictitious as is factual. The end product is a creation that will entertain, encourage, provoke, poke fun, tease and ridicule … it delves into themes including celebrity, crime, destiny, extremism, elitism, inequality, freedom, justice, law, literature, love, mysticism, philosophy, poetry, politics, poverty, rationalism, religion and revolution…
The poems challenge existing norms that contribute to societal dysfunction across the world, the injustice, the greed, the unrestrained excess, the warring…. appealing to those in positions of authority or leadership to carefully reconsider their actions, in so far as they impact others further afield, the poems advocate empathy, responsibility and freedom from puppetry, in favour of Responsible Capitalism; all in an effort to realise the achievable goal of a harmonious world in which the majority of people lived in relative peace and happiness, free from want, free from fear.


From here onwards, I expect things to get very exciting, now that MadWorld is published, it’s now a waiting game. Watch this space for details of how to get a copy!

Teasers & excerpts -1


“Divide and rule, a sound motto. Unite and lead, a better one” ~
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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MAD WORLD – its almost here… 🙂