Democracy? What Democracy?

news The next few months or years in Britain will be quite interesting.

As in miserabe, painful and divisive kind of interesting. As deep cuts sweep in and austerity bites harder for the average subject, as workers rights are further reduced, we have green energy being put under further threat; there will be an attempt to bulldoze boundary reforms through the commons (which will reduce the number of seats from 650 to 600); a new Snooper’s charter (which will make Britain into a microcosm of George Orwell’s 1984) is being drafted, and an EU referendum stands looming ahead in 2017. All amidst the Scottish question (which threatens to rip the country into two) now that Scotland is clearly SNP. Frankly those who say democracy is alive and well in Britain need their heads carefully examined.

While across the pond in America, a US Appeals Court recently ruled that the mass collection of data by the NSA was illegal (a decision that was validated by a vote in Congress), in the UK, the government thinks the police must be given new sweeping powers??? Apparently just obeying the law is not enough. It seems the Thought Police are about to come out of their preparatory hiding bane, into the open nodes of the computer networks of Britain.

How this is not a war on Civil Liberties and Freedom of Speech is beyond my comprehension.

Lets be honest, you expect that kind of heavy-handed dictatorship from Putin’s Russia, from China’s suited communists, or from the rotund psycho that is currently ruling North Korea. You don’t expect it from someone who claims to genuinely value living in a free country.

But don’t for a moment think the war over personal freedoms is lost. Infact it’s just beginning because to all sensible and clued up folk who can see who the real losers and the real winners are, this hegemony will not be accepted without a fight. People can see what is happening in their neighbourhoods, and they know what the new laws mean. You don’t have to be a genius to know that if these children of Thatcher were in opposition, and another government attempted even half of the current proposed policies, they would be clapping loudly in agreement, knowing that their mission is served. Because such cruel policies benefit them. It benefits the sources of their power and wealth, their wealthy chums, and perpetuates their unequal, repressive class-based agenda. An agenda whose losers are the poor and vulnerable. Robbing innocent people of all dignity, and the little freedoms which remain.

And in the long run, this chicanery can’t possibly be sustainable. Even with a biased and hostile media as is currently the case in Britain, there are too many battles for their onslaught to be completely successful.

But more importantly the human spirit won’t allow them to win. The human spirit may be long-suffering, and capable to withstand long periods of hardship, abuse and neglect, but you can only mess around with it for so long. Within the next 2 – 4 years, a line will be crossed.

The battle over membership of the EU cannot be won for the same reasons Germany cannot ignore Podemo , Syriza and other growing leftist movements across Europe for too long, without harming its interests. In Britain alone we have a growing discontentment among young people with the political classes, and if anything, the May 2015 election validated their fears: That the system is broken and doesn’t work for them. Instead it only works for a tiny minority. At  some point, something will have to give. Either you live in a divided Europe in which resentment and strife will bring about the prospect of war. A Europe rife with strikes, the threat of terrorism and violence. Or you share prosperity…and balance up inequality.

There’s no middle ground.

Maybe some sensible Tories will take a long look at the situation, and the proposed legislation, and vote with their hearts in the House of Commons. That’s not a remote prospect, seeing the Conservative majority is quite slim. But if for whatever reason that doesn’t happen, then pray that God will help you. Because it’s going to get bumpy.

Awakened Man


We must all seek enlightenment

We must all seek the light

An awakening is accessible to us

Beyond what the world throws at us

Each one must experience a spiritual revolution

Of healing, reconciliation, and global preservation

Of true fairness, true justice and true equality

That will be the dawn of nirvana

A salvation of the planet

Awake, awake, awake!

Bigotry, Ignorance & Disinformation

fantasy You know when you meet someone who tells you something that is not true, or when you read a view that is historically untrue, but of which a horde of people somehow seems to subscribe to?

I don’t get it. Each time such a thing happens I wonder: all these people, how come they haven’t questioned or commented about a blatantly untrue statement? All these people, how come none of them has pointed out the error? Surely, there must be someone better informed in this crowd who has noticed? Is it possible that all these people do not know the truth? That they do not care? Could it be that they know what’s going on, but they don’t care because they have an agenda? An agenda that depends on the continuation of  the lie?

Whichever way, a few days ago, I read such a viewpoint, and accompanying it were many people who seemed either too lost in their own myopic views to the point they tolerated the fallacious viewpoint, or for whatever reason, they didn’t attempt to question the writer of the viewpoint (who in my view is either ignorant, a liar or both). This ignorant person said that Caucasians arrived in Southern Africa at about the same time that Negroids did, so they were equally an indigenous people of Southern Africa as any Negroid??

I’ve never heard so much bullshit in my entire life. It speaks of bigotry, ignorance and disinformation in the same sentence. I mean, you don’t need to be an expert to know the elementary points of human origins on certain continents. Go to your library and read any book on the matter, and it will tell you even before you finish it.

This guy was either stoned out of his arse, or drunker than a skunk.

And of course you can guess what type of person he was.

Now I’m not an expert in anthropology, and I don’t like that N — term (which anthropologists are entirely comfortable with). Only because of the associated term that is derived from it, and which is derogatory, but ladies and Gentlemen, when we go out into the blogosphere, or cyberspace as it were, let’s be honest with ourselves, please.

It’s a virtue.

Failing that, lets at least not try to mislead when we have nothing better to say. If you can’t do those two things, I don’t expect you to have an ounce of sympathy for those who poverty and history has robbed of peace, equality, resources and prosperity. In fact if you can’t do those two tiny things, you are a part of the problem.

Minimally, shut the hell up.

Hugs ladies & gentlemen, hugs.

Why is there more outrage against Clarkson’s suspension by the BBC than against human suffering right here in Britain?

When the suspension of an outspoken Television presenter and celebrity causes more outrage than human suffering, know that something is very wrong. Like really wrong.

The Media madness in support of Jeremy Clarkson doesn’t always happen. When was the last time you heard of 700,000 people signing a petition on anything of real importance? Within 24 -36 hours?

Already have reported that this petition is the fastest growing in their entire history, and while writing this article, between page reloads today, I’ve seen a ~59,000 leap in the number of signatures.

It’s practically unheard of.  And if we are to be honest, Clarkson has shown the misplaced priorities of the 21st Century. That an issue of a suspended violent, racist, cheating and generally unpleasant character, is taken a lot more seriously than real issues affecting humanity. Issues such as Wars, Poverty, and in the UK disability housing, violence against women and dare I say asylum seekers.

Take this petition on Sum Of Us for example, which claims that the UK government has awarded an NHS contract to a private firm linked to scandal hit MP Malcolm Rifkind. But that the winning bid will actually cost the NHS more than a bid from local NHS services! Seven million bloody pounds cheaper! (different sources: The Mirror & Buzzfeed) Why is it that for a petition that has been around for at least 14 days, only 69,787 people have signed it? Does it mean that the issue of the NHS being practically auctioned-off is of less importance? Or is it because the mainstream media doesn’t like to talk about such things? And in this context, is Clarkson’s reinstatement a greater priority than wastefulness within the NHS?

I’ll tell you what’s happening.

Last week, a report was published by a little known group of cross-party MPs and Peers outlining the ways in which foreign Nationals are treated by the Home Office and its contractors (companies like Serco) in detention centres. It coincided with Channel 4’s revealing expose, about the shocking attitudes of some of the guards at Yarl’s Wood immigration detention centre.

Predictably, the story received very little news coverage in the media, and appeared to have been shunned. This indifference is by now well-rehearsed. And it doesn’t matter that foreign nationals were mistreated so appallingly. The summary reaction from the media is that it’s not news, it’s not important, who cares, f*** off!

Guido Fawkes, the popular right-wing blog which in some respects is the home of political scandal , and whose author has fronted the Clarkson campaign (complete with around 10 posts on his blog about Jeremy Clarkson) didn’t even mention Channel 4’s expose, let alone the detention centre report.

What such reactions say is that it is okay to be horrible, racist, violent, an insensitive schemer, to cheat on partners. If you are skilled or have a reputation – on which millions of pounds hang, you can still receive plenty of support, and get to keep your job, your plush lifestyle the whole lot – so long as you are on the right side of the political spectrum. Imagine what young people in their teens will make of it if Clarkson returned with all his whiskers intact?

Don’t get me wrong. I watch Top gear, every season of it. I enjoy the banter on the show, and like the trio of them. I think you’d enjoy a night out with them in a social gathering.  Over the years, I’ve read the magazine a couple of times and while I’m not what you would describe as a hardcore fan, I’m nevertheless a fan. Like many Top Gear fans, I’ve overlooked many of Clarkson’s silly and distasteful utterances over the years, and yes he is very funny in an ape kind of way.

I believe everyone deserves a second chance.

But Jeremy Clarkson has used up all his spare cat-lives. He’s had his second, third, fourth chances… and now he’s just having his cake and eating it because he knows he can almost always get away with it.

The petition is no more than a right-wing protest at the unlikely admonishment of their overgrown middle-aged poster child. The kind of people who would find these scantily clad Nazi Dancers funny; who attend parties hosted by rich tax-dodging non-domiciled status types  concerned only about profit; people who sympathise with Farage and his racist cohorts; the kind who are accustomed to blaming Polish, Romanians, Bulgarians migrants, and ethnic minorities for every f**king problem the UK faces. It’s becoming more fashionable to be that bigoted, sexist, racist person.

What’s sad is that there are some naive people who have joined this chorus. These pawns do not know of the underground agenda at play and have not connected the dots around the narrative that the media coverage is being provided by a powerful right-wing lobby with the result that the issue is gaining unprecedented news coverage, leading to thousands of signatures. They’ve simply been blinded by their love of the fantastic show, and have jumped onto the bandwagon, proclaiming their support for Clarkson, as if he were some kind of saint. St Jeremy Clarkson of Chipping Norton. Sweet.

But what really happened?

I think someone at the BBC was trying to cover it up, obviously because of the large sums of money at stake. We wouldn’t have known had the victim,Oisin Tymon, remained silent. I suspect that it was only after Oisin threatened legal action (perhaps after a deal to keep it under the lid failed) if something wasn’t done about the ‘fracas’ by the BBC that it became apparent that it couldn’t be contained within the news corporation. That’s when the suspension came, and now we have a runaway petition.