What does one make of #Paedogate?


Life is costly. Food, housing, transportation, relationships, children, everything has a price tag. Well, almost everything.

Even knowing is costly. When you read any article or publication, there’s a mental process going on in your head which determines how you come away from the material you consume. You can choose to engage or ignore that process which causes you to decide what position to take regarding the matter. Its entirely up to you, I think.

But its going on in the background.

You can come away thinking: Oh well, just another story. Or you could think Really, did that really happen?

And at the extreme end of this continuum, Shit !.

What gets me mildly worked out is when my mind refuses to believe what I’ve just read. When it says BS, I’m not 5 years old. I can’t believe such nonsense.

Preconceptions exists in all our minds. And most people, whether they admit it or not, have or have had at some point Unconscious bias towards one thing or another dancing freely in their minds. It takes a bit of work to be objective, unassuming, impartial.

I like to believe certain things I read. But like most people I’ve got preconceptions against other things.

One example here is GMO foods. You can hogtie me and shove nasty things into any of my orifices, the chances are I won’t change my mind about it. That’s how strong the prejudice is. But it’s an informed prejudice that considers the science.

Another is religion. Due to a complicated set of circumstances and experiences, I’ve made up my mind about the issue.

So, while I have shifted my position on various things, there are some no go zones.

But when it comes to those things where your brain says no, while at the same time trying to find a way to  know what really went on. To internalise whether there was a cover-up, or not.  Did the authorities know about so and so and their actions, or didn’t they know. If they knew why didn’t they do something about it. What if some of those who could have acted to stop the abuse and prosecute the paedos genuinely thought it was speculation that had no merit?. What if they were just being British? A sordid and blighted mixture of apathy, detachment and the quintessentially British stiff upper lip. That the complaints were largely slanderous, from people who wanted to taint the public figures concerned. People from the ‘lower classes’. Scumtrash.

Not this time  around.

The authorities knew everything, and they were either determined to put a firm lid on it, or simply didn’t care about the victims.


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