Truth & deception: Of Rabbis

The trouble with the truth is, no matter how hard you keep hiding it, it keeps popping up. Yes, no matter how hard you try to cover it up, flower the scene with distractions, or attempt to hijack the commentary – the real shebang keeps showing up. In one form or another.

Consequently, the trouble with lies, untruths or half-truths is that, someone always always aaaalwaaaysssss keeps shooting them down!?! Like always….

Thankfully the world still has some sensible people not blown about by propaganda.

Take this video for example:

What do you make of it? Are the Rabbis stating the truth backed by evidence?

Or are they lying?

If it is the case that they are lying what is their main agenda? Have they been sent or appointed by someone to proclaim heresy? Could they really proclaim heresy in public and think they can get away with it? That someone won’t find out? In any case, why would a Rabbi speak against the system that was responsible for giving him a homeland? A place he can call his country?

If what is being said is not heresy, then how many people know that what these Rabbis are saying is the truth? Especially among the Christian pro-israel lobby?

Can we honestly separate the facts from everything else when it comes to Palestine? Or does it all depend on who you ask?

Whatever the case, if what they are saying is true, then a lot of suffering caused has pivoted upon  nothing other than a lie.


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