I am Charlie

IamCharlieTerrorism has no place in a civilized world.

It doesn’t matter if the act of terrorism occurs in New York, London, Paris, Nairobi, Gaza, Syria, Iraq, Hong Kong or Yemen. It doesn’t matter who the terrorist is, how much of a coward he/she is, or how big his guns (or helicopter gunship, or drone) is, how well resourced they are, or who their friends and backers are….

Terrorism is wrong. Terrorism is evil. Terrorism must be condemned. And terrorism must be fought hard. Fair and square, taking no prisoners.

Anything less will backfire.

R.I.P victims of the shooting at Charlie Hebdo, R.I.P all those who die as a result of terrorism everywhere….

Freedom of Speech will continue, and thrive. This tragic event will mark a renaissance in cartoonery!


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