“In the 18th century, Edmund Burke described the role of the press as a Fourth Estate checking the powerful. Was that ever true? It certainly doesn’t wash any more. What we need is a Fifth Estate: a journalism that monitors, deconstructs and counters propaganda and teaches the young to be agents of people, not power. We need what the Russians called perestroika – an insurrection of subjugated knowledge. I would call it real journalism.”

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Someone please tell me that this guy is not being funded by the Kremlin, because while I think a lot of what he writes is true, or at least credible, I think in the article, he’s been too light on Moscow.



Remember this. art not entirely accurately, but not too far from some truths either, especially with the publication of the CIA torture report.



My next post is a comment I made on Russell Brand’s YouTube channel (in this case with a few edits):

Russell Brand, I must commend you for the great feat you have pulled on these looneys. It’s very rare for a public figure such as yourself to see through all the bullshit, and decide to do something positive about it. Most public figures are either cowards or apathetic and don’t want to get involved – obviously safeguarding their fat cheques (which is ok by the way – whatever works for them).

But you belong to the same league as William Wilberforce my friend. Also, look at the onslaught you have attracted. As some say: If nobody is criticising you, then there’s nothing worthwhile you are doing. You my friend have a seat in some heaven awaiting you. Please give us a shout out at We, like you, and many other hushed/ repressed voices are writing about the real issues (the root problems) facing the world:  corporate hegemony, poverty, inequality, unrestrained capitalism, repression, lies and greed – which the media perpetrates (, and which results in all the other problems.

As an example, if corporations (including British corporations) weren’t fleecing poor countries in Africa, Asia or South America out of billions of dollars in potential tax revenue (See this by an LSE professor would poor countries have the same levels of poverty that they currently have? Some people in Britain are too quick to dismiss migrants but they forget that our predecessors mistreated migrant countries and their people for hundreds of years. And today Western corporations are still involved in practices like bribery of officials (recently GSK here) and tax avoidance – the funds of which go through the city of London.

Yet we blame the poor migrants from the countries whose poverty we are partly responsible?? Countries where corruption, tax-evasion and white-collar crime are responsible for the loss of over US$1tn (yes Trillion) in illicit financial outflows

Another example, how many swiss ‘migrants’ do you bump into everyday? Or how many ‘Norwegians’ or ‘Mauritians’ do you bump into on an occasional basis? The countries from which such nationals originate are rich countries, and the people from them stay in their own countries because the countries have the capacity to create jobs and distribute wealth fairly. Our corporations are not paying bribes in Norway, at least you rarely here such. If our businessmen continue to fleece the countries from whom migrants originate, how can we realistically expect them to stay in their own countries?

For a change, why doesn’t Nigel Farage or David Cameron, or even Ed Milliband ever point this simple and somewhat elementary point? Instead of shouting out vile racist rhetoric thats clearly dishonest.

What are they afraid of?

If they can’t even state the truth, how can anybody sensible ever trust them? …

Last Words

Ask Yourself, how would you want to be treated if you were vulnerable? Ask yourself, how would you want the world to deal with you, if you were helpless?