Cowards Onslaught

Silk road 2.0 is out, and Tor was breached. So it seems, the grapevine says. Mmmh. What’s going on there? Fighting crime is commendable….when what’s being fought is real crime. But I wonder, at what point ‘fighting crime’ becomes autocracy. At what point harassing nerds and restricting of liberties is passed off as acting against criminals. Big brother’s hegemonistic bullying of innocent people. Borrowing the words of Steve Jobs (which I have rephrased and reworded for comical effect), If they want to be relevant, they need to chill, smoke a joint and sit back. One day, today’s so-called “heroes” who we see prancing around in military kit, SWAT style (whether literally or in effect), throwing out press releases praising their supposed bravado, will be unmasked as fools; cowards with little purpose other than subservience to bourgeois hyenas. On that day, a smile shall cover my face – be it in life or in death.


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