Petition Update – Ricky Reel Police Spying

This petition deserves some mention / support.

I think it is incredibly sad that in the 21st Century, some authorities cross the boundary between decency and impropriety, and end up doing what is clearly illegal. How can society be rid of its ills if the authorities, especially the police who are supposed to be protecting people, behave like this? This is real life, not some video game or James bond movie. The Police should uphold a higher moral standard…. It’s unjustifiable and disgusting. In my view ,those responsible should be fired, and fined for their abhorrent behaviour.

What is it, too much equipment (i.e. we have the capability os let’s use it)? Or just plain idiocy? Whatever it is, my instinct tells me part of the problem is that some of these people in positions of authorities do not value life. They do not believe in a higher power ( which is okay, whatever works for you). Except they also do not see other human beings in the same light that they see themselves. They don’t think other people are valuable, worthwhile human being with feelings and emotions and deserving respect and dignity just like themselves. To them, since  they do not believe in a higher power, then they think that humans are animals who should ascribe to the law of the jungle (somehow this should happen within societal laws ???). Guess what, they end up doing illegal things like spying on innocent and broken people.



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