Close Everest. Close all the damn mountains. [And STOP the idiotic bucket challenge.]


Read it in April, in The Times of 26th April. I have to admit that it is one of the best articles I’ve read.

It’s written by a guy named Giles Coren (@GILESCOREN) and you can read it here, for a pound (not that I agree with big media profiteering out of great writing – no i don’t. Although, I’d happily pay a pound if it were Giles who got the proceeds).

A few extracts from the article are most useful:

…the 330-odd foreign climbers currently waiting to haul their fat, pampered arses up the once-revered peak for the sake of a stupid selfie and a handful of dull stories with which to bore the ears off their children and grandchildren until they are shut up in a retirement home for old bores with no toes.

The Nepalese government trousers millions every year from the fees of roughly £30,000 paid by each bumbling white dork who joins the queue for the meritless upwards shlep, and then it offers families who have lost their paterfamilias in the name of the country’s single notable industry roughly what the witless western wazzocks pay for their socks

It is about the money. That is what climbing Everest has become, along with rowing across the Atlantic, trekking through some jungle, horse riding across some desert, all that stupid exploration and adventure that is glorified on the television and indulged in by celebrities on a thousand shows and sponsored stupid bloody swims up the effing Amazon.

Priceless. I wouldn’t have put it any better.

To the second matter in the heading. Obviously Ice bucket challenge. What’s going on there? What’s with all the wastage? Are all these people really that dumb? When we know the facts, that 780 million people across the world have no access to clean drinking water. When yearly 3.4 million people die as a result of a water related disease.

So then, while there is nothing wrong with giving to charity or a cause (indeed supporting causes such as the ALS should be encouraged), but how come it is the case that in the developed world, a place full of educated people, technology, thought leaders, people who should know better, there’s a herd of imbeciles?? A phenomenon whereby throwing buckets of water and ice over oneself has triumphed over common sense??? What’s that all about? Have we really sunk that low? Are we that gullible?And thoughtless? Or is something else going on?

I just don’t get exactly where common sense got lost here…

To put it a different way, how can George W. Bush expect Robert flipping Mugabe to be an exemplary leader, to open up Zimbabwe to true democracy, when dubya was so quick to pour cold icy water on himself ? Didn’t he know about the above water facts. Shouldnt he have known? He is not in office any longer, but what does his behaviour say about America in general? What does it say about the West’s attitudes to some of the third world’s biggest problems?

I’ve got friends who have done the Ice bucket challenge, and to be honest while I cheered on one person, soon after I was quite embarrassed to even do so… my wits got the better of me, and I quickly realised that momentarily, I’d become a fool.

I’d like to know how much water (in millions of litres) has been wasted by the whole drama?? I’d like to know how many children in the developing world would have been saved had they received those millions of litres in water aid?? I’d like to know whether giving to ALS charities couldn’t have happened without such unnecessary wastage?

Why not make the challenge to be something less wasteful? Such as downing a pint of water in a go, and seeing who downs the water fastest. Isn’t that better than throwing clean icy water away? At least downing a pint will not waste a valuable resource. Instead it will do your body some good – especially to those of us who like our alcoholic drinks.

BTW, in case you wondered, I’ve grouped the two seemingly different topics together because they both contain behaviour which is idiotic in them ;-0


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