Another reason why there’s a property bubble

hausI maintain my stand. That the world (or at least this part of the world) will be a much better place after most of the older generation have retired, or better, after most of certain obstructive and backward-thinking bureaucrats have kicked the bucket. It’s a theory, but one I’m happy to stand by this very minute. Lets give it 20 – 30 years shall we.

Look at these headlines:

– > Eco-friendly ‘Hobbit house’ must be DEMOLISHED as council rules it illegal

-> Council rejects permission for ‘Hobbit house’ despite international appeal

-> Hobbit house to be demolished because of impact on countryside

At its bare bones, isn’t this nothing but pure idiocy?

I mean, think about it, in a country where property is ridiculously expensive, where cost of living is ever-increasing, where energy bills are sky-high, and energy companies generate huge profits, a country where food banks in some places have seen increased demand, this is a country where there’s been a lot of talk of  lowering greenhouse emissions, including not too long ago ministers making a case for a low-carbon economy at the European Green Growth Summit in Brussels. So then, why come down heavy on one tiny green initiative, which blinkers a lighht ( no matter how small that light) towards the kind of green/ecofriendly goals you government is trying to achieve? I think its mad.

Despite the few successes of ecofriendly hobbit-like buildings that have been built successfully, when a young couple (and here another older couple) decides to do something practical about it, on private land, something that will enable them to live a cleaner, ecofriendlier life, one that doesn’t depend too much on the power grid, it is insane that the bureaucratic machinery should smack them in the face with a big NO. Its just stupid.

Why can’t these bureaucrats just hand them a small fine for not seeking the planning permission they were supposed to seek, and allow the building to stand? What really is their problem?

Is there an element of ignorance here? Or is it more a coveting/jealousy thing? Or is there a conspiracy?

And whats this bullshit about impact to the countryside?

Is fracking (which quite a few councils seem to be entertaining) less likely to impact the countryside adversely than a hobbit home? I think not.

It’s such a shame that there are people with such closed minds in this country. Visionless glorified adminstrators who are absolutely incapable of even the most basic foresight; they are unable to see how these kinds of self-help initiatives, if they became a trend, could power up a whole new industry, and transform the property market into a reasonable, less insane industry.

Further, isn’t building one’s own home yet another facet of the big society?. i.e. A society with more recylcing, less wastage, more community involvement, where DIY is widespread, where we have small government, less-official-tinkering, less interference, where Laissez Faire but responsible capitalism is the norm not the exception?


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