Standing up against the bullies



There are many kinds of politicians in the world today.

In Britain, there are those who are in politics because they think they have something constructive to contribute to society; Those who are in politics because they want to take over the world; Those who have been told they are special and must be leaders; Those who have come to believe they are special, probably due to social status, and so have concluded that politics was a natural choice; There are those who want to be in politics because that’s what their parents told them (its in the family, blah blah blah); Those who like arguing; Those who joined politics to try to make a point/ statement; Those who were sent to Eton (or some other private school), and figured that a stint at Cambridge or Oxford was the quickest gateway to the Westminster club; Those who went into politics because their best friends did so; Those who went into politics because they were persuaded to do so; Those who are seeking influence, fame and/ or  power; Those who have raw political talent and are passionate about a political career (e.g. Benjamin Disraeli, William Hague); Buffoon politicians (e.g. Boris Johnson); Protest politicians who are opposed to some issue (often a minor one); Those like the previous type, but who also happen to possess the gift of the gab ( *hint*: the colour purple); Racist Politicians (the BNP types); politicians who ‘accidentally’ fell into it, and who don’t really know why they did so (although they won’t publicly admit it); Politicians whose more popular sibling was more experienced and refined, and deserved nomination to leadership but who somehow snatched that nomination for themselves  ( e.g. Ed); and then in addition to all these somewhat dysfunctional groupings, we have the rare types: politicians who have conviction but have an agenda that defines them (Michael Foot & George Galloway); finally, we have those with conviction, are not afraid to tread the narrow and lonely road – those without an easily discernible agenda.

I think this categorization pretty much sums up most of Westminster for the last 150 years or so.

However, isn’t it commendable that Sayeeda Warsi, the first muslim woman to sit around the cabinet table in Great Britain, appears to belong to the last category; that such a person is the first person to resign from government in 11 years over a point of principle !?! I think its commendable.

As I pointed here, I believe when wrongdoing occurs at the scale of the Gaza crisis, a true leader of a first world country such as Great Britain must stand up and confront the aggressors without bias or favouritism. If America is the bully Britain must criticize her. If Egypt errs, Britain must warn her, if it’s Saudi Arabia causing trouble, even then Britain  must speak up in the strongest terms possible.

In my view, doing otherwise demotes one to a mere spineless pretender; a leader by name only, but who is fickle and can’t confront the tough issues. A bit like Neville Chamberlain.

Aren’t Westminster politicians often known to sell Britain as being a bastion of freedom from oppression? Where people have equal rights and where the law prevails? Why then are very few people standing up for the massacre in Gaza??

So I’ll therefore applaud Baroness Warsi and in blowing her trumpet, and declare that resigning from cabinet was a great move Sayeeda Warsi! You have shown rare leadership for the children of Gaza, for peace, for Palestinians; for all the anti-racists; for anti-apartheid brothers and sisters; for those fighting discrimination, for those fighting warmongering and hegemony; for those who value life (whether its black, white or brown); for those who truly would like the world to be a better place ( irrespective of nationality, religion or sect). Well done Sayeeda Warsi! Well done!

Never mind the nay sayers, they’ll always be there to accuse and denigrate anybody who disagrees with their partyline.


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