Hating Success: What’s the score

I’ve always wondered – what is wrong with these people. Not really. Anyhow, one of the links below could be the source of this somewhat troublesome topic

wdtbhs - Copy

I’m not sure which of the links below is the source of this cutout, and I’ll not check. 24 hours isn’t much time you know…so I won’t spend a minute trying to find the source of a newspaper cutout expressing an opinion over a vile characteristic supposed to exist in SOME inhabitants of one tiny island.

No thanks.

If you care that much about my total lack of inclination in this regard, sue me.

Two obvious things about this whole issue  – which probably don’t require to be explicitly stated, but which I nevertheless will state – are:

(1) Not all brits are hateful lazy tossers suffering from a ‘pull them down syndrome’. (But I get the feeling an alarming number are.)

(2) More often than not, it’s the underachievers who hate the achievers? The classic scenario of the commoners hating the elite, the royals, the bigshots – for all sorts of reasons (some of which are clearly valid). Us and Them (If you ask me, it’s more like ‘arses and them’).

Which leaves someone like me (who’d like to understand what is going on)  with a miniscule dilemma: Is it that these ‘haters’ are so lazy or incapable of improving themselves, their circumstances, or their lives? Are they helpless about it? Is the hate thing a knee jerk type of reaction? An uncontrollable urge they are possessed by and from which they can’t be free? Or is it a case of them just wanting everyone to be mediocre, a choice they make: lets all be equal and on the same level (so that I don’t feel inadequate about my total lack of talent or skill)?

Could it be possible that the whole drama is more of a vestige of historical and discriminatory class system (that still exists in some respects)? Or is it more of a myth perpetrated by avaricious self-serving types. The kind who want all the ‘milk and honey’ for themselves and are thus determined to push down or repress whoever dares to improve or do something differently? Whoever seeks success or is likely to achieve success; so much so that they have used the media, ‘culture’ and other avenues to ‘recondition’ everyone else to behave irrationally?

Whatever the answers to these questions, I hope reading this (and the links below) brings you fun 🙂

Potential Sources:



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