The Migrant Prison

Someone I know sent me this poem to publish. He’s currently incarcerated. Speaks volumes of the hidden world inside:

The Migrant Prison

Everything in here is dumb.
Dumb officers full of nonsense;
Guarding detainees within a dumb fence;
Dumb nurses working in a dumb clinic;
A dumb chef pays a dime each dumb minute.

Dumb detainees who leave the trash bins uncovered;
One glance at each dumbface – and you know they can’t be bothered;
But not all retards in here are nincompoops;
Only the dumb prison cooks;
Whose cells are secured by dumb steel doors;
Thick, purple, always clinking and clanking;
They’re so dumb – you’d think they were whores!

Each cell has a dumb plastic cup;
Which comes together with a dumb plastic plate;
Dumb plastic folks are incomplete;
Without dumb plastic spoons;
And if you carefully discern
You’ll find the toilet equipped

-with dumb toilet roll;
That should explain

-why the shower has a tube of dumb shower gel.

The prison shop is a glorified dumbpit;
A stuffy box with no aircon – the shop keeper’s a dumbfreak!
Flirtatious, dry hair with curlies;
Dumber than the gardener who once lost his wellies;

The dumb prison pillows are rubbery
My cell curtain too dumb for its snobbery;
Blocking out the morning sunlight;
The clown lets in each dumb parasite.

The prison kitchen is a dumbhole
Dumbmuck served in it include the dullest casserole;
The diner’s CCTV cameras are a wanton expense;
The tax payer who footed the bill won’t get any recompense;
Rotten potatoes are served with a mucked-up pizza;
Stale bread? No thanks, I won’t eat sir!
Which fool advised them

That steamed rice;
Goes naturally with relish lacking spice?

The Guvn’r must be a real dumbarse;
The way this place is run – the chief screw’s a dumbfarce!
The dumb uniforms the officers are forced to wear;
Transforms them into constipates needing intestinal repair;
Versed in extortion like a dictator’s sidekick
Fleecing migrants

What a nasty little dumbshit!


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