Protest for Gaza – protest for sanity

Why are some people so afraid of speaking the truth? Of being unpopular?

Isn’t it enough to be true to one self? To one’s ideals?

Watching our so-called leaders compromise, dillydally and be economical with the truth, its incredible just how they get voted into office…its incredible just how we let them occupy these powerful offices in the first place. Because their behavior is simply atrocious!

I don’t understand this, I simply just don’t get it. Because for me, whatever the weather, whoever I encounter, a leader must not be afraid to tell the truth, and confront the problems. For me, leaders must not be afraid of sounding unpopular. Of stating the obvious – irrespective of who the wrong-doer is?

Which is why the following images are appropriate in light of the current situation in Gaza:

1 2

Yes, that’s what I’m advocating, a boycott.

Every normal and conscientious human being must voice their protest when things are clearly going wrong, no matter who the object of that protest is.

Hamas is a vile organisation that doesn’t deserve to exist. Everybody sensible knows that. And I agree, its militants must be targeted.

But how they are targeted matters.

Having airpower, bigger guns and a billion dollar defence spending capability should never be a pretext for any country to throw its weight around carelessly. Not even the US or China should be allowed to do that. In my view, Israel is excessively armed. Far too armed for its own good (or indeed the good of its neighbours), and looking at the recent events, that military power has got to the heads of its leaders.  It’s almost laughable how a country with state of the art weaponry can find it justifiable to lay waste a territory that doesn’t even own a single tank….It’s the same as killing a fly by using  a machine gun….Why the heavy-handedness? When there are helpless people nearby? Palestinians who don’t even like Hamas.

In my view, Hamas is a terrorist organisation. But Palestinian resistance to Israel’s killing of innocent people and children is not too different to that by Israeli militants who were mounting attacks against Nazi Germany, a resistance that took place during the Nazi’s onslaught on Jews. One man’s terrorist is another’s hero. In 1942, the final solution saw Jews being underdogs, and they were right to resist that oppression.

And today, as people who were once victims of an oppressive and evil regime, one would expect Israel to know better. To empathise. To be extremely careful in finding and isolating the enemy. And not to go on what appears like an uncontrollable killing spree.

So, when there is little or no restraint, is it not fair to say power has gone to their heads?

A horse is a horse, whatever the colour. Similarly, a genocide is just that, and a war crime must be exposed for what it is: a war crime (irrespective of who the victim or aggressor is).

No amount of window dressing with flowery words and half-hearted attempts will do. Killing innocent people and children today is as wrong as it was in 1939, or 1942 or 1945. It will never be right, no matter how many missiles Hamas militants launch into Israel.

And there are many examples in history of atrocities that may have been prevented if there was stronger political will. If people acted quicker, earlier. Sticking on the theme of Nazi Germany (or even Apartheid South Africa), maybe if people had acted earlier, the unnecessary tragic loss of life would have been prevented sooner than later in these two cases…in the case of Nazi Germany, certainly soon enough before anything amounting to a holocaust occurred.

So with that benefit of hindsight, why are the current crop of leaders not doing anything serious about Israel, to stop the killing?


2 thoughts on “Protest for Gaza – protest for sanity

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