The Compliant Citizen

The Compliant Citizen

The State likes a compliant citizen

Who doesn’t claim expenses avoids debates doesn’t complain

She’s the lady who plays the lotto

Takes Nana to the Bingo – hides her Muscato!

He’s the man who thinks politicians are crass

And the Ma’am who believes foreign wars keeps us safe

The market git who sells items made of brass

Good old Mr Steve McGrath

The State likes a compliant citizen

Who supports the state enjoys soaps believes the news

He’s the father inattentive to exorbitant energy prices

Wouldn’t ask why council tax’s nearly hit the sky

When turbines were erected next to that field of Rye

The citizen’s car is cheaper than its insurance

She’s terrified of skipping payments of her TV license

As Caesar demands his dues

Who should mind a bit of Top-up fees?

The State likes a compliant citizen

Who doesn’t fall sick shuns benefits likes to work

The Polish plumber who will never get the sack

The industrialist whose sofa is clothed in the union jack

Raging at naming and shaming on the radio station

He’s never been to a single demonstration

Can justify price hikes by Petronas

Unalarmed when a broke state bank awards a fat bonus

The State likes a compliant citizen

Who hates tax havens despises Unions holidays in Spain

He donates money to charity

To outfits where every admin has a deputy

Small portions of donation trickle to destination

Where a corrupt leader is aggrandised as if he were a King

Your Excellency Chief Dr. Professor Reverend Sir

Piles of titles!

Loans from Beijing!

The State likes a compliant citizen

Who fundraises for the poor without asking questions

Why the poor country’s leaders have Swiss accounts?

Why they travel by private jet and are driven in limousines?

When their country’s children are always starved?

Poorly paid doctors in hospitals without drugs?

Attempting to save lives in a death camp

An exorcism within the pits of hell

These Excellences are selfish bastards

The stench emanating from their greed chokes a continent’s progress

Obese and uncultured – surrounded by brutes

Mediocre characters gobbling on fraudulent wealth

What a recipe for wholesale death!

The State likes a compliant citizen

Who’s hostile to otherness, a bandwagonist, kinda bigoted

The rendezvous of closet supremacists is at the beer festival

It’s Saturday morning – we’re off to the carnival!

For tomorrow’s footie – if I may please make a gentle request

Send over the newspapers during the half-time interval!

Compliant citizens are indifferent to corporate bribery

To organisations specialising in global trickery

Preying on a poor man’s resource

Dollar kickbacks without remorse

As lucrative trade in planes and bombs

Offsets dark arts by drones

Luncheons dominated by grey haired misogynists

Fattening middlemen in Saudi Arabia

Backdoor payments to crooks in Algeria

Wealth creation for mighty Britannia.

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