What do murderers think when they kill?

Watching Sky news this evening, when the trial of Oscar Pistorius was being announced, and the footage included pictures of Pistorius at a shooting range, carrying what appeared to be a rifle, and in a different scene, the actual gun he used to kill Reeva Steenkamp, my sister turned to me and suddenly asked:

What do they think when they kill, murderers, and people like him?”

I shook my head, speechless

I thought to myself how I didn’t know, how I just didn’t know what goes on in their minds.

I never bought the Pistorius it was an accident story. Just couldn’t accept how idiotic the whole thing sounded. Don’t get me wrong, accidents do happen but excuse me, I’m not 5 years old. Common sense would say if a gunman wants to maim / incapacitate an intruder in their property, they would aim for the legs, or bottom part of the body, and they would shoot once. Not like what Pistorius is said to have done.

I hope he burns in hell, the bastard, I hope he f**cken burns in hell. What an evil man” my sister hissed looking straight at the television with a steely stare.

I shook my head…still speechless


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