Its coming

Its coming

a literal renaissance, a refreshing perspective, a new code … it’s almost here, MAD WORLD: CONTEMPORARY POETRY & VERSE.

What is it?

From a town outside a forward thinking city in Britain, some words have been slowly and painstakingly reorganising themselves on paper the last four years. Their servant, a sojourner with a story as fictitious as is factual.
The product is a creation that will entertain, encourage, thought provoke (especially the complacent), poke fun, tease and ridicule global madness.

You didn’t know you needed this stuff. Shadowy figures (and their messengers) may try to convince you that you didn’t need to know this stuff. It’s too explosive, too different, nobody has ever done things this way before – they’ll say.

But when did you become their subject? Surrendering your free choice and will to their dictates?

After MAD WORLD – you’ll never see the world in the same light again.


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